Skipjack AI

Your Personal Data Cloud for AI

Get Better Answers from AI Systems

Build your personal knowledge cloud to get more accurate responses from ChatGPT.

Keeping Content Current

ChatGPT and other AI systems are trained on content during development. This means that there will always be some content that they don’t know about and can’t use to answer questions.

Maybe the content is too new. Maybe the content is too specific. With Skipjack, you can add content that will be used to add context to chat interactions to get the best responses.

Content Types

Skipjack lets you add several different kinds of content to the system.

  • Web Pages
  • Text Notes
  • Code Snippets
  • Email Newsletters*
  • ePub Books*

* Requires the “Pro” plan.

Software Docs Starter

We have documentation for popular frameworks in the Laravel and WordPress ecosystem preloaded into Skipjack. This means that you can start asking questions and leveling up on day one.

Think that there’s another framework we should add? Sign up for the beta list and let us know.

How it Works

  1. You add content to the app
  2. Content is broken up into logical chunks according to Skipjack’s heuristics
  3. These chunks are mathematically converted to a long series of numbers to allow context matching
  4. When you send a chat prompt, we find chunks in the system that add context to the prompt and include this info in the request
  5. The AI system answers with the custom info you provided to generate the best answer

Prompts, Personas, and Voice

When you send a chat prompt through Skipjack, we modify it for better results.

A Prompt for Every Hat

Not all prompts are created equal.

  • Sometimes you’re looking for a coding answer.
  • Sometimes you’re writing a blog post.
  • Sometimes you’re drafting a social media post.

Out of the box, Skipjack has personas for common chat interactions to help you get the best result for what you’re working on.

Stand out from the crowd

Answers from AI systems tend to all sound the same. If you’re writing some code then that’s ok but if you’re working on content (blog post, tutorial, social share, etc) then you want it to sound like, well, you. With Skipjack, you can define your brand voice and ensure that it’s applied to all appropriate personas.

But What About Security?

  • Text Notes and Code Snippets are encrypted in the database
  • None of the content you add is used to train any AI systems
  • None of the content you add is used by any other Skipjack users

Help to get you Started

Unsure how to get your content into the system for use? Contact us for our white glove service where we can load your content for you and give you suggestions on the best way to make use of it.

What’s Next?